Douglas Lake, Michigan Crest Sport Crest SportRental Pontoon Boat Crest Sport Pontoon

Great for fishing, tubing, or just "putting" around the lake (please no skiing). Motor has power trim/tilt. Maximum 10 passengers. Boat is not to leave Douglas Lake for any reason.

Douglas Lake Pontoon Rentals, llc
Douglas Lake Michigan

Up to 8 regular adult and 2 children's life jackets provided*
Safety equipment provided
Table, ladder, anchor and canvas bimini cover provided
For single day, and half-day boat rentals, gasoline will be provided. Gas used will be charged at $4.50 per gallon, and price will be collected at turn-in. Weekly rentals must return boat with tanks at the same level of gas provided at delivery.
Oil resevior in motor will be full at delivery, but extra oil will be included in boat (motor is oil injected - please do not mix oil into gas).
A detailed map of the lake will be provided showing water depth for your safety
Tow ropes and equipment for tubing must be provided by renter. Life jackets must be worn at all time.
*Any special sized life jackets required must be provided by renter
All prices subject to change without notice.