Douglas Lake

Cheboygan County, Michigan

Located west of I-75 (exit 322), Douglas Lake is one of the most beautiful and pristine lakes in the lower peninsula. Home to the University of Michigan's Biological Station, and surrounded by state land, Douglas Lake is blessed to have an extraordinary amount of undeveloped shoreline, making it one of Michigan's quietest all-sport lakes.

The lake, aproximately 2.5 x 3.5 miles, seems custom made for pontoon boats. With sheltered bays, and Pells Island to help break the wind, calm waters can usually be found for a bit of quiet sunbathing or fishing. Douglas Lake is known for bass, bluegill, and pike.

Please note that while there are lots of woods, and a public park area in North Fishtail Bay, there are no public bathroom facilities on Douglas Lake. If you are visiting the lake, we recommend that you bring whatever ammenities you require (such as a bucket and toilet paper). Please bring plastic bags to keep paper until it can be properly disposed of.


Sunrise on Douglas Lake
Sunrise on Douglas Lake
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